MBOS: Principal Engineer for Base SW Validation

Job Responsibilities
1. Validation of Base SW with focus on Diagnostics, Networking, security and Gateway Functions
2. Lead the team on technical front and ensure on TIme delivery
3. Interact with multiple stakeholder and ensure proper information flow in the team
4. Hiring, Developing and maintaining the required competency in the team
5. Development of Test Cases to validate Standard SW requirements
6. Going through the AUTOSAR and Daimler Standard documents, be a part of review and contribute in refining of requirement for the project
7. Req Engineering, Test Automation & Configuration development
8. Execute test cases and Analyses the failures
9. Discuss the defects with Suppliers and Developers and ensure closure of the same.
10. Develop and commission the test benches for testing needs
11. Ensure commonisation & Modularity of test infra.
12. Mentor the team members
13. Provide training to team and departments


1. Autosar NM PDU layout and different states of ECU like wakeup, stay awake.
2. End-to-End Protection for AUTOSAR E2E Profile 2, AUTOSAR E2E Profile 5.
3. Strong knowledge on PDUs like I-PDU and S-PDU.
4. Strong knowledge on Partial Networking.
5. Special purpose frames like XCP.
6. Different types of signal transmission.
7. Strong knowledge on CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet Protocols.
8. Experience and Strong Knowledge in AUTOSAR architecture and module interactions.
9. Good working Experience in various microcontrollers & strong knowledge in microcontroller
10. Strong Embedded C Programming & Debugging skills.
11. Excellent in testing & defect analysis
12. Hands on experience in Vector Tool Canoe
13. Team player & Experience in leading the teams

Technical Skills:

CAN, Vector CAN Tools, Automation & Scripting, CAPL, Canalyser,
Diva, Authoring Candela Studio, Code Run Time error, CDD, C Based Embedded Development, UDS, Project management